Thanks to the Med Contour dual treatment, we have set a new standard in the field of Body Contouring. Today this means the end – increasingly demanded – to the most obstinate fat pads without the need for surgical intervention!

Applying the most up-to-date knowledge, we have developed treatment techniques and personalised protocols that can guarantee results - in the shortest timeframes – that have not been possible until now using non-invasive methods. One particularly positive aspect is that slim people with less significant adipose deposits can avail of this treatment too.

Superior depth-treatment in the context of high safety standards is now achievable using the low frequency modulation dual ultrasound system of Med Contour dual . Med Contour dual system treats only the interested area , thanks to the double ultrasonic beam and the inclination of the ultrasonic plates, without risks for the below tissue.

A mechanical lipolysis is activated in the adipocytes during the Med Contour dual treatment, which stimulates the break-up of the fatty acids in the cells. The destroyed adipose cells, a mixture of water and fat (emulsion), must be removed through the lymphatic system, thus lymph-drainage must be carried out to encourage this process and expel the liquids through the lymph glands.

The procedure, however, is always pleasant and, depending on the problem and the area to be treated, it lasts around 60 minutes. After the ultrasonic treatment, lymph-drainage is carried out using an elastic, biological membrane. The membrane adheres optimally to the tissue, producing a complete movement which enhances lymphatic, venous and arterial circulation and the vascularisation of the tissues. It also encourages the reduction of the liquids and thus the elimination of fragments of adipose cells.

In the end is a slim, firm and well-modelled physique!

Med Contour dual offers two operational settings: manual setting and automatic setting with preset programs.
In manual mode, the operator can regulate the ultrasound emission by choosing between continuous and modulated mode, with the possibility of selecting modulation from 20 to 60 kHz. The operator can also choose if working in combined or single emission mode. In the first case, the two ultrasonic modules work at the same time; in the second case, only the front plate is involved, allowing the operator to treat small or difficult areas. Besides this, in manual mode, the operator can also set the ultrasound level of power.

Med Contour dual has 46 preset programs for use in automatic mode: 36 for the cavitational handpiece that can be selected based on the type of cellulite (oedematose, fibrous, sclerotic otherwise called oedematose-fibrous cellulite) or the type of localised fat (thin, medium, thick) combined with six treatment areas of the body and 10 for the lymph-drainage handpiece, 4 of which are for the opening of the lymph nodes and 6 for the body treatment areas.


One session with Med Contour lasts on average 1 hour – 1.5 hours.
6 to 10 treatments are recommended, spaced at one-week intervals for each area concerned. One lymph-drainage session is necessary in the interval between two complete sessions (cavitation + lymph-drainage).

To localise the area to be treated:

  • Abdomen and hips
  • Legs
  • Glutei and trochanters
  • Arms and back

At least 20 effective minutes of ultrasound for each area are required to ensure proper results. Depending on the size of the area, the ultrasound treatment can take up to 45 minutes.

Moderate exercise training after each treatment aids in the elimination of the fat waste and is therefore highly recommended.
A proper and low-fat content diet is also recommended so as not to overwork the organism which is already engaged in disposing of these fat deposits, and in order to maintain and consolidate the results obtained.