Characteristics General Project, which has always been involved in the research and development of innovative, effective and absolutely safe technological solutions, presents Med Contour, the safest and most effective system for the treatment of localised adipose deposits and cellulite.
This is a cavitation system which operates using dual ultrasonic waves that can be modulated in low frequency and which, thanks to vacuum technology, can concentrate its action exclusively on the area to be treated. The special handpiece raises the adipose panniculus to ensure that the action of the two ultrasound modules is concentrated only on that particular area. The adipose tissue is raised until it comes into contact with the two emitters which, also as a result of their particular inclination, apply an in-depth action which impacts principally on the fat cells of the affected area, also avoiding any risk to the underlying tissues.
The wide range of frequency modulation, the potency of the ultrasounds and the vacuum action of the special patented handpiece ensure a treatment that is safe, effective and adaptable to each individual patient.

The cavitational effect of the ultrasound emission has the effect of rupturing the adipose cells, thereby activating metabolic processes which lead to to the body's natural elimination of the fat waste. To promote this process, a lymph-drainage massage must be carried out, which assists in the elimination of liquids through the lymph nodes.
For this reason Med Contour is equipped with a handpiece devised specially both for the opening of the lymph nodes and for lymph-drainage massage, which it carries out through biocompatible elastomeric membranes.
This handpiece, which is light and manoeuvrable, performs a pleasant massage with excellent drainage effect and reactivation of the lymphatic circle.
This effect is of key importance for the absorption of the fatty mass previously treated with the ultrasound handpiece, ensuring acceleration of the elimination of the remaining fats. All of this greatly enhances the efficient working of the liver, which would otherwise become overloaded.

The heat produced by the ultrasound also has the immediate effect of distension of the skin and tissues. This deep heating reaches into the dermis and the subcutaneous tissue and brings about the contraction and compacting of the collagen in the dermis and in the formation of new and more compact collagen, which contributes to the further rejuvenation of the skin. The result, in addition to the obvious diminution of centimetres, is a visible enhancement in the appearance of the skin; after treatment the tissue is more toned and elastic.

Thanks to the many pre-set programs dedicated to each area being treated, and thanks to its modulated low frequency operation and its particular emission geometry, Med Contour treatment can be carried out throughout the body (except for the face). Also, the treatments can be personalised to the requirements of individual clients by simply selecting the parameters on the machine’s touch screen.

Med Contour is highly effective against the visual manifestation of the problem, and it is faster-acting than other technologies which treat the same aesthetic imperfections. In fact, fewer sessions are required, and it is a precise and more in-depth treatment.Med Contour ensures that localised adiposity can be worked on safely, comfortably and effectively over time, with immediate and measurable results, with no pain or convalescence times, stimulating the natural process of metabolism of lipids. All of the treated areas demonstrate a visible reduction in volume following each treatment, leading to a more toned and smooth appearance.

Technical Characteristics

Med Contour works with a double ultrasound generator which generates a carrier frequency of 1 MHz. This carrier frequency can be modulated from 20 to 60 kHz.

Each emitter emits a mean power of 3 W/cm2 with peaks that can reach 30 W/cm2.

For Med Contour, General Project has applied a double ultrasound generator of 1 MHz, which can be modulated from 20 to 60 kHz.

The 1 MHz frequency is certainly a safe frequency, and has no harmful effects; it has been used for a long time also in the treatment of muscular traumas, and has been subject to in-depth research in the medical literature.

The Med Contour handpiece, as well as having a dual ultrasound emitter, also uses the vacuum technology which raises the adipose tissue on which the ultrasounds will act, preserving the underlying tissues and thus enhancing the effectiveness and safety of the treatment, which is concentrated on the area affected.